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How To Use Business Review Sites To Improve Your Online Reputation


car windshield crackAs a windshield repair technician, your services will always be in demand. Currently up to 70% of car windshield crack repairs and replacements are due to a long crack between seven to twelve inches long, and a driver isn't legally allowed to drive with a windshield that severely damaged in many states. This puts your business at an advantage: so long as there are both rocks and windshields in the world, the services you provide with a windshield crack repair kit will be necessary.

However, there's no guarantee that consumers will come to your business in particular. A modern audience isn't often completely persuaded by a business's marketing techniques. Rather, they're often persuaded by online reviews from customers just like them.

Your professionalism, skill, and windshield repair technology, with windshield repair kits and windshield repair resins, mean nothing to an audience that sees you have bad online reviews. Therefore, it's in your best interest as a windshield repair service to ensure your business's online reputation is golden.

Using business review sites to improve your online reputation

When a potential client with a car windshield crack looks up repair services online, you want your business to have the best reputation possible. One of the best ways to improve your online reputation is by using one of the following business review sites:

  • Consumer Reports: This review site is typically unbiased in its nature of recommended products. However, this also means that the positive evaluations of the products the website does recommend are that much more valuable.
  • Yelp: Yelp is an incredibly popular review website, and it's the bane of many small business's existence. It allows for users to periodically review and read past testimonials from customers. Additionally, the website allows businesses to reply to the reviews so as to allow for a kind of damage control. A bad review can be fixed with some excellent customer service. You can learn what it was that was unsatisfactory to your customer, how you can fix it, and how you can prevent that same dissatisfaction from happening in the future.
  • Twitter: Twitter may be a social media website, but it also works as a review hotspot for satisfied or angry customers. Through Twitter, your business is able to interact with customers online to see what was unsatisfactory and how you can help. Twitter also allows you to increase and promote communication between you and your online audience.

It's true that as a windshield repair service that your services are necessary to your customers. However, because there are multiple windshield repair businesses out there willing to repair a  car windshield crack for a customer, it's up to you and your online reputation to guarantee that the business that customer goes to is yours.

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