How To Close Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement Sales Calls

Posted by Richard Campfield on Oct 1st 2020

When talking on the phone to your potential customer that you received by your internet marketing, referral or any other form of advertising - remember - you paid for this call - your objective is to set an appointment and make a profit.
Rules of Thumb

  • Number one - set the appointment - no call back.
  • Never let the customer call their insurer- tell them you will handle all of that. If they are going to call their insurer warn them that Safelite has been sued for deceiving millions of consumers out of billions of $ by turning repairs into replacements. The standard in the U.S. is 14 -inches, not 6 -inches. They are also known to crack-out stone chips during the repair and many of their repairs are not repaired.
    Let them know you use the only repair process proven to be unbreakable, stronger than a new windshield and passes the industry Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard.
    Let them know the Ultra Bond method also passes the same federal standard as a new windshield.

    Phone Script for a Stone-break / Chip

    Ask them is the damage the size of a nickel, dime or quarter? Then state that you can easily repair it, it will take about 10-20 minutes at a cost of $_____ .
    Then CLOSE by sasking, "I can do today at _______ or tomorrow morning at ______ which one works better for you?
    If you feel they are going to hang up, then mention that there is probably no cost to you as you may have already paid for it. Ask the customer if you have comprehensive insurance. If they do not know what that is, ask them what year is their car. All newer cars will have comprehensive coverage and all cars not fully paid for will too. Tell the customer they will pay zero. If this gets them ready to set an appointment, you tell them to bring in their proof of insurance card they have in their vehicle (the one you give the police when they pull you over) and you will make the call and do the rest. It is easier if we make the phone call together, Warning - If the customer makes the call themselves they could be steered and misled into unnecessary replacement by Safelite and you will lose the job. You can tell the consumer that Safelite is being sued for deceiving millions of consumers out of billions of dollars for lying about repairable damage so they can sell them a much more expensive replacement.

    Phone Script for the, "I Need a Replacement" call.

    When you receive the call where the first thing the customer says is " I need a quote on a new windshield replacement , Your immediate response is.," I can repair long cracks over a foot long , in fact the standard in the United States is 14-inches long. How many inches long is the crack?
    Close - Our repairs pass the same federal standard as a new windshield, costs hundreds less and is safer than a replacement. Our price is $100. I can repair it today at ___ or tomorrow at _______. Which time is best for you?