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Exploring The Critical Elements Of Starting Your Own Windshield Repair Business: Part 1


windshield long crack repair kits

If you've had years of experience as a windshield repair technician , you may feel as though you have what it takes to start your own windshield repair business. But before you can open the doors of your business, there are a number of critical steps you must take along the way. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider before opening a windshield repair business.

Earnings Potential:

One of the most important things to consider before opening your own windshield repair business is your earnings potential, which is highly dependent on the number of repairs your company can perform each day. Getritty.com says that the potential income for a business that can perform between four and six repairs each day is $45,000, which is on the lower end of the scale for the industry and must be speaking of those doing car dealers and fleets with windshield chip repair kits. If you purchase a windshield crack repair kit, long crack repairs which go for $100 and more per repair your income will be 50% higher with the same number of repairs per day and you will be able to be in the consumer market. If your shop can handle between 6 and 15 repairs a day, you could easily be seeing a triple-digit income.

And that's just for repairs -- replacements are much more complicated, which means a higher gross for the job but at a much higher cost for the job. Getritty.com says, "The average windshield repair costs $55, and there are a solid (number) of potential customers who would be willing to pay that in cash (Insurers pay an average of $62 for a chip repair). This is especially true when you mention that a $55 repair now would prevent the need for $500 replacement later." However, some facts Getritty.com does not cover about replacements is: the gross profit on a replacement is much lower, a replacement is far more labor, replacements require more equipment, tools and supplies, a replacement has a higher cost of goods, replacements have more liability and replacements have a lower net profit.

Required Knowledge:

When considering the amounts listed above, it's important to keep in mind the level of expertise required to quickly and effectively handle a large number of repairs or replacements. There are six basic types of windshield breaks: an edge crack, floater crack, combination break, half moon, bullseye, crack, star breaks, and you and any technicians you employ should be able to identify and repair all of them. You'll also have to be prepared to answer any number of questions about car windshield cracks, windshield long crack repair kits, or windshield repair resins, so you'll have to familiarize yourself with the brands you choose to have in stock. See - Facts You Should Know about Windshield Repair Resin and Technical Windshield Facts You Should Know on Ultra Bond’s Blog.

Ultimately, these are just a few important aspects to think about before opening your own windshield repair business. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we'll discuss even more key essentials to consider, and for more information about windshield long crack repair kits, contact Ultra Bond.

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