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Audacious Inspections in the Industry - AGRR Magazine

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ARE THERE ANY HUMANS working at these insurance companies? 

You have to wonder since these inspections of repairs started. How about if the other insurers all had to 'not only call State Farm to get permission to sell a policy but then take it a step further and were required to have State Farm interview the consumer and inspect the policy before they can sell them a policy? How would they like that? Why are they doing just that to auto glass businesses and whose idea was it to do it in the most audacious way that it could possibly be done? 

Who are the "frauds?" Inspections are another steering tactic because the third-party administrators (TPAs) are only discriminating against consumers who choose non-participant shops. The ironic thing about all this is that it is insurers and their TPA who are unjustly enriched each and every day as they turn thousands of repairable windshields into replacements by their non-disclosing misleading scripts, criterion, phony warranty and ineffective windshield repair equipment.

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