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3 Misconceptions Customers Have About Windshield Repair


Car windshield cracks can range from a mild nuisance to a huge safety hazard. That being said, they're fairly common and may be easy to fix -- as long as you have the right tools, like windshield repair resins, at your disposal. However, there are a number of misconceptions some consumers have about windshield repairs. As a business professional, you'll have to help dispel these myths with the high-quality windshield repair kits you use to fix cracks and chips. We've outlined just three of the most common misconceptions below.

MYTH: You have to go to your insurer to have your windshield fixed

Most people are under the impression that the only place they can go to get their cracked windshield repaired is to their insurance network shop. But that's not true. Recent statistics show that nearly eight out of 10 auto glass replacements are installed improperly or in unsafe ways. Since at least a good chunk of these replacements were undoubtedly performed by insurance network shops, you're not guaranteed a great experience when you go there! In fact, it's often better to go to an independent mom and pop business that specializes in windshield repairs and replacement, rather than a large auto glass company that has signed a contract with an insurance company to do what is best for the insurance company. Those small independent mom and pop businesses are more likely to use the best windshield repair resins available to ensure aesthetic value and safety.

MYTH: A small crack won't spread quickly

Some drivers assume that a small chip or crack won't turn into a big problem right away. Actually, even a small chip makes the entire windshield unsafe and more vulnerable to further damage. One too hot or too cold day and that little crack could turn into a long one in the blink of an eye. While both small and long cracks can potentially be fixed, it doesn't pay to wait. The damage will likely get worse, and at around two feet long, windshield crack resins may not do the job visually because of dirt in the crack..

MYTH: Windshield repair kits don't work

Now, it's true that going the DIY route is not advisable. Cheap repair kits will produce inferior results. The repair tool is too cheap to flex the break open and does not contain the windshield repair resins needed for long-lasting repairs. However, our kits are different. Not only are they used by repair professionals all over the world, but they contain lab-tested, undeniably strong resin. While some repair kits just won't cut it, Ultra Bond will.

For more information on how our resins can improve the windshield repairs your business already handles, contact us today. 

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