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Ultra Bond Windshield Repair Products

With unbreakable repairs that are stronger than a new windshield, why mess with anything else?long-crack-repair-kits.jpg

With unbreakable repairs that are stronger than a new windshield, you are given superior technology, technical training, a definitely superior patent protected product all backed up with company support and industry leader Richard Campfield. On top of all that, Ultra BONB has the lowest  cost per repair in the industry. Does it make any sense to use anything else?

While windshield repair may only be one aspect of your windshield replacement business, adding long crack repair can become a significant income generator. In fact nine out of ten consumers will choose a $100.00 Long Crack Repair over a replacement just on the economics and 70% of consumers have at least a $250.00 deductible. See the "Deductible Study" on our newsletter page Windshield Repair Journal.

If you own a windshield repair only business and are not repairing long cracks you are missing out on the most lucrative part of the business and the true cause of over 80% of replacements, the edge crack. Replacements that may not be needed.

Ultra BOND meets standards.

Not only does Ultra BOND provide a lasting solution to long crack repair, they can prove it in test results.

Ultra BOND crack repairs are unbreakable, stronger than a new windshield, pass federal tests years after they are repaired. Copies of these tests are provided to you by us in the footer of our webpages and in your training manual. (See Cracked Windshields are Dangerous)

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How are your long-crack repairs holding up?

What proof do you have from your seller that you are restoring the windshield to pre-loss condition? If you have a "hear-no-evil" policy and don't know how well those long-crack repairs are holding up you may want to do a little research. Most dissatisfied customers will not call you back. Do not be fooled into thinking everything is fine because your warranty rate is between 2 and 4%. With the repair being relatively inexpensive (under $100) and the point of the crack still holding, so the crack hasn't actually "spread," your customer just may not see it worth their time to complain.

A survey conducted by Technical Assistance Research Programs Institute, Consumer Complaint Handling in America; An Update Study for the U. S. Office of Consumer Affairs (Washington DC Part II, chapter 3) shows that "Customers who complain to headquarters represent only 2-4% of all dissatisfied customers. Only 2-4% of unhappy customers complain, while 34% of all dissatisfied customers switch brands." (See Consumer Survey)

Check on a few of those past windshield long crack repairs. If they were not done with the Ultra BOND process, you may have a problem that you do not know about that can affect your reputation.

Upgrade today to patented Ultra BOND!

Many of our customers are existing glass shop technicians that "upgraded" to the patented Ultra BOND resins.  In windshield repair, the resins you use are the most important part of your business. Long Crack Resins are protected in our patents.

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