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About Ultra Bond

Ultra Bond -The Original Inventor of Windshield Crack Repair

Proven Leader in the Windshield Repair Industry - Pioneer, Founder, Inventor, Litigant, Consumer and Industry Advocate

Ultra Bond researches, manufacturers and markets a full line of windshield repair processes and products to independent windshield repair shops around the world. Established in 1989, Ultra Bond is a proven leader in the windshield repair industry.

richard-campfield-crop.jpgAbout the Founder

In 1986, Richard Campfield "broke" into the young windshield repair industry when he started a windshield repair business.

In the late 1980's, long crack repair was not recommended by any windshield repair manufacturer. However, Campfield saw the tremendous opportunity for growth in the area of long crack repair. Bucking industry experts, he applied his knowledge of adhesive chemistry to develop new solutions for long crack repair. After personally performing thousands of windshield repairs, he developed a long crack repair solution that has since become the industry standard. Campfield has been granted 20 windshield repair patents.

Campfield founded Ultra Bond in 1989. Campfield directs research and development of new windshield repair products and still owns and operates a retail auto glass business in both Northeastern Pennsylvania and Grand Junction Colorado which serves as their corporate research facility. They do repairs of stone breaks and long cracks as well as windshield replacements every day. "We believe in order to lead our dealers to success, we must do it ourselves." says Campfield.

In 1994 the windshield repair industry came under attack through the National Glass Association with a committee of windshield manufacturers, PVB manufacturers - DuPont and Monsanto, Safelite and other large auto glass companies. It was Campfield who stepped up and orgnaized the industry in a matter of months by founding Windshield Repair Magazine, intiating and founded the National Windshield Repair Association with David Taylor and met with the heads of the DMVs to write The United States Windshield Repair Guidelines, all while the competitors stood by and watched. When the insurance industry and windshield manufacturers violated antitrust laws through their use of Third Party Administrators and consumer protection laws it was Campfield who filed lawsuit(s) on behave of consumers, himself and the windshield repair industry. Today Campfield is still the one that works to protect the legal rights of windshield repair technicians. He is the current president of the National Windshield Repair Association. 

Windshield Repair Business & Products


After years of repairing cracked windshields he noticed that over 90% of the long cracks he repaired were originating off the perimiter edge of the windshield with an impact point always within the first two inches of the edge and almost always on the black Frit area.  So he and a licensee developed a protective coating to prevent windshields from edge cracking. They named the process Edgeguard.

Edgeguard is a clear "protective shield" that is installed on the outside edge of a windshield. The transparent Edgeguard material acts as a rock deflector, repelling flying rocks that hit the edge of the windshield thus preventing cracks from starting near the edge of your windshield. See the Edgeguard web site at www.edgeguard.com

Edgeguard is a companion product to Ultra Bond. These two products are ideally matched because Edgeguard is the only proven method for preventing windshield cracks, while Ultra Bond is the only reliable, long-lasting method for repairing windshield cracks.

What's special about this product? Edgeguard is the only crack resistant windshield! A survey of over 10,000 car owners indicated that 80% of windshield replacements are caused by edge cracks. The impact point that causes edge cracks is less than two inches from the edge over 90% of the time. So, if you can prevent edge cracks, you can avoid windshield replacement. Edgeguard technology and materials are patented.

Auto glass repair shops frequently offer both Ultra Bond and Edgeguard. There are hundreds of dealers located throughout the world.

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This website has a great deal of technical information that you will need to know and understand to become a windshield repair or Edgeguard technician. If there is anything you have questions on or do not thoroughly understand, please print the page and call us so we can review it with you.

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