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NEW Quick-Turn Injector


Done in 60 Seconds

For stone-break repair the Quick-Turn Injector threading is five times faster than our classic injector. The classic injector is threaded for maximum control which is needed for long crack repair but during stone-break repair when the resin chamber gets low on resin it can take many turns to get to the top, so we now have our Quick-Turn Injector for chip repairs and it can also be used at the point of a crack. As with our classic injector it holds enough resin for about 8-10 repairs without re-loading. This is the fastest stone-break injector on the market. Average time to vacuum and completely fill most breaks is around 60 seconds. We use this injector ourselves at a car wash where we are able to start and finish the repair while the car is being vacuumed. We are done before the vehicle goes into the wash. Fits any holding structure with 1/2 x 20 threads. $135.00

Allstate and State Farm in Court Documents Say Aftermarket Glass is Cheap and Inferior

One of the benefits of windshield repair besides saving the consumer money and preserving of the OEM seal is saving the OEM windshield but the OE versus ARG windshield is never mentioned in any TPA script or by any insurance company.

Thousands of consumers everyday get a cheap inferior windshield when they call in a windshield claim to their insurance company. No insurance company or their TPA's disclose to the consumer that they are getting a cheap inferior windshield. Their script does not say one word about it. First they lie to them about what is repairable with their size-of-a-dollar-bill criteria, which has been obsolete for two decades and turns a repair into a replacement; then they pull out an OE windshield, break the OE Seal and knowingly replace the OE windshield with a cheap inferior ARG with no disclosure. See the tape recording below of Safelite giving false information to a consumer with Safeco insurance when he asks about the difference between OE and aftermarket.

Reported by KING 5 in Burien, Washington.

BURIEN, Wash. - State agents raided a Burien home on Wednesday to search for evidence of criminal fraud and theft. The two-story house is the home office to Premier Auto Glass and Auto Glass Express. Both companies are mobile windshield repair firms.

The state Office of Insurance Commissioner is looking into whether the firms overbilled insurance companies and customers by tens of thousands of dollars.

According to court records obtained by KING 5, since February 2009, investigators for State Farm say they have examined 117 windshield repairs and found in 66 cases that cheaper aftermarket glass was installed while they were billed for the more expensive glass. State Farm states in court records that the alleged fraud cost the company more than $34,000.

State agents and Washington State Troopers collected years of business records and computer records from the Burien home.

"It will take several weeks to go through (the records) and figure out what we have got," said Mitch Barker, Director of the Special Investigations Unit.

The case hinges on whether the mobile windshield repair companies used Original Equipment Manufactured glass, which is the same glass that comes from car factory, or if they used a third-party aftermarket glass.

According to state investigators, the aftermarket glass is generally a less expensive and cheaper grade of glass. Insurance companies typically pay for the more expensive glass to protect their customers. (That is absolutely false).

Barker says his office is looking at 1800 potential cases stretching back four years. If the companies are billing for one glass and using the other, then Barker says "it's a crime , it's theft in essence."

It may take several months before any charges could be filed.

KING 5 spoke to one of the owners of the company by phone. We asked if she or her husband were breaking the law.

"I don't know. He knows all the ins and outs. I only did what he asked me to do," she said.

State Farm says insurance fraud is a $30 billion a year problem in America.

An average household can pay up to $300 a year in additional premiums due to fraud.

Allstate v. Auto Glass Express, Inc.

3.7 Despite the fact that Defendants installed an inferior product that Defendants had acquired at a lower price, Defendants continued to bill and collect funds from Allstate based upon its representations to Allstate that it was installing original manufactured glass in all instances. At no time did Defendants ever advise Allstate of the true nature of the work it was performing on subject Allstate insured vehicles. Moreover, Defendants never advised Allstate of the fact that it was acquiring the inferior glass products at a reduced rate . . .


After filing the complaint Allstate quickly filed and Amended Complaint. An Amended Complaint is used to add or remove a cause of action or add a party but the only change in Allstate's Amended Complaint was the removal of the words , lesser quality and inferior product. Someone in Allstate's camp must have realized that those words could come back to haunt them. Oops, too late!

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