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The Phantom Warranty

One of the items of the insurance/network steering script that pops up on the CSRs computer screen when they ask for the phone number of the shop and you are an independent non-participant like I am is the Insurance Company’s National Warranty Steering Script..

There are four insurance/network steering items/statements in their script: (1) the negative innuendo of not being an Insurance Company Approved shop; (2) the false cannot repair over six-inches (3) the misleading you might pay more if you go to that shop and; (4) the you won’t receive the Insurance Company’s National Warranty.

The warranty is non-existent on a repair and repairs are at least 40% of the claims. This statement is only true in zero deductible states, which means it is false many more times than not. 95% of deductibles in deductible states are over Zero and the script always asks what State the insured is in so they KNOW. Here are two transcriptions of recorded phone calls. Notice how getting the CSR to admit it is like pulling teeth and they continue to try to steer it using a non-existent warranty after the insured requested my shop and also steer it into a replacement after the insured has requested a repair. I have removed the names to protect the guilty (for the time being) and the innocent.

Insured: I
Network/Insurance Company: C

C: Thank you for calling______________. How may I help you?
I: Hi, I need to see about getting some glass repair done.
C: Ok, ma’am. May I have your first and last name?
I: ___________________
C: And are you the policyholder?
I: Yes.
C: Ok, and is it just the glass or is there any other damage?
I: Just glass.
C: And what State was the policy written in?
I: Colorado.
C: Were there any injuries at the time when the glass was damaged?
I: No.
C: And when did this happen?
I: Saturday, the 12th, this month.
C: Ok, and how did it happen?
I: I was driving on the interstate and a truck went by and some rocks flew up and hit my windshield.
C: Ok.______________, may I have your daytime telephone number starting with the area code?
I: __________________
C: ___________insurance company has confirmed coverage on the ____ . Now, can you describe the location and size of the damage on your windshield?
I: There’s two chips and one eight-inch crack just about at the windshield wiper.
C: Ok, so __________ recommends that we replace that.
I: I want to get it repaired instead.
C: Um, we wouldn’t be able to repair an eight-inch crack.
I: Why not?
C: Um, anything longer than six inches is really un-repairable. It won’t take.
I: What will happen if they repair it instead of replace it?
C: Well, you can ask the glass shop. I don’t think the repair would take, but you can discuss it with the glass shop if you like.
I: Ok.
C: Are any of the chips in the direct line of vision?
I: No.
C: Ok, do you want me to put it in as a repair? (NOTE: After making a false statement about repair the CSR attempts to steer a repair into a replacement and it is also after the insured has requested a repair.)
I: Yes.
C: Ok, since it’s a repair, your deductible of $100.00 has been waived.
I: Right.
C: And, since your windshield qualifies as a repair, _____________ has Repair Specialty Shops in your area who provide professional services. With your permission, I can schedule an appointment now with one of them. Will that be ok?
I: No, I want to use Ultra Bond.
C: Ultra Bond, have you used them before?
I: Yes.
C: Are they in your zip code area?
I: They’re in my city area. I mean, it’s within the same city.
C: Do you know what the zip code is?
I: ______.
C: Ok.
I: Same city as mine.
C: Alright. And what was the name of the shop again? I’m sorry.
I: Ultra Bond.
C: Ultra Bond, ok. In Grand Junction ?
I: Correct.
C: I’d be happy to contact the company you’ve selected, but would like to inform you the service provider you have chosen is not a _____________ program participant. Although you are free to choose any services provider, I must inform you that in choosing a non-participant, your replacement or repair will not be covered under the National Warranty offered by ___________ program participants. Any warranty to coverage will be to the terms offered by the company you have selected. I cannot confirm the warranty terms offered by a non-participant. Did you want to continue with Ultra Bond? (NOTE: Continued steering attempt after the insured has already requested my shop using a warranty that does not exist)
I: Yes. Can you tell me what the _____________ warranty is on a repair if I were to use a different company?
C: Uh huh, let me just look it up so I can give you the exact information.
C: Windshield repairs are warranted against spreading for the life of the vehicle or the length of the warranty, whichever is shorter. The warranty is limited to the credits towards the purchase of a new windshield installed in the original vehicle. And the applicable deductible for the new windshield is the responsibility of the owner.
I: So, it’s basically the same thing. It doesn’t matter. I still have to replace it. I still have to pay that deductible. So there really is no warranty.
C: Well, it’s just that the warranty by ____________would be under the warranty of the shop.
I: But, there’s no warranty by ____________ because it’s the same deductible for me.
C: The warranty is limited to a credit towards the purchase of a windshield.
I: But my deductible is the same regardless. Ok, that’s fine. I get it.
C: Ok, did you want me to continue with Ultra Bond? (NOTE: 2nd attempt to steer using the National Warranty after the insured has requested my shop and they know the deductible is higher than the repair)
I: Yes, I do.

Insured: ___________
Ultra Bond: Rich ( R )
Network: ___________
(NOTE: I made the phone call and told the CSR I am the shop and the insured is sitting here in my shop and you are on a speaker phone)
N: Okay sir I’d be happy to contact the company you have selected but would like to inform you that the service provider you have chosen is not a/an _____________Program Participant. Although you are free to choose any service provider, I must inform you that choosing a non-participant the replacement or repair would not be covered under the National Warranty offered by ____________ program participants. Any warranty coverage will be to the terms offered by the company you have selected. I cannot comment on the warranty terms offered by a non-participant. May I contact the company you have selected or would you prefer to hear a selection of ___________ program participants in your area? (NOTE: Steering attempt using a non-existent warranty)
I: (to Rich) Well, what do I tell them?
R: They are trying to steer you, just say you want to use me.
I: Okay.
I: Yeah, I just want to use this one here.
N: And all I basically stated was that whatever warranty it’d be covered under, it would be under that shop’s warranty and not the __________ National Warranty.
I: Okay.
N: And when would they be doing that work sir?
R: Right now.
I: Okay sir. That’s one windshield repair at ________ flat rate. Do you accept pricing?
R: Yep.
I: Thank you sir, and may I have your first and last name?
R: Rich
I: Thank you sir and your last name?
R: Campfield.
I: Okay, sir one moment and I will have that dispatch number for you.
R: Okay.
I: The dispatch number is going to be # _____________ Is there anything else I can help either of you with today?
R: Yeah, under the National Warranty for a repair...he has a thousand dollar deductible, so let’s say six months from now this thing cracks or he wasn’t happy with it, under the ____________ Warranty, what does he get?
I: Okay sir, any time there is a failed repair, what happens is like if he went with a participating shop?
R: Yeah.
I: We would contact that shop and let them know it was a failed repair and his deductible does apply.
R: So he gets nothing.
I: Well we can call that shop and see if they are willing to try to fix that repair.
R: But if he is not happy with it under this warranty: he doesn’t get the $50 back and; he gets no free windshield and; he gets no reduction off of his deductible. He pays the full price of his deductible.
I: He still is required to pay that deductible any time the windshield is replaced, yes sir.
R: Right so there is nothing for him in this National Warranty then?
I: For repairs, usually, not really sir, but for replacements, that’s a little bit different.
R: Yes it is. It is different, so that’s why you shouldn’t be saying that about repairs.
I: That is still…I mean it just pops up and we’re required to say that sir.
R: I understand totally . . . that warranty does not apply to a repair. They get no warranty.
R: What was your name?
I: _________________
I: Thank you sir.
R: Bye.

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