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Waterproof Your Resin with New Rain Proof Additive

November and December are the two months of the year that have a significant drop in windshield repair and replacement claims. Every job counts during these months so if you are prepared you will not lose business because of rain or snow. You also do not have to spend time or need electricity drying out breaks; use chemistry instead. Last year we developed the Rain Resin and this year we have developed an additive that makes any acrylic resin miscible with water. Simply mix one drop with your resin into your injector and do the repair. We have also put this formula into and reformulated the Rain Resin and have been able to drop the viscosity of our new formula Rain Resin to 30cps. One bottle of Rain Proof for only $19.95 will do 60 stone breaks.

Christmas Special good through December: buy one bottle of any resin and get one bottle of Rain Proof for $9.95. Buy two or more bottles of any resin and get the Rain Proof for free. Call (800) 389-2663. Merry Christmas!

Hybrid Edge Resin Added to our Resin Line

The Hybrid Crack Resin now has its partner for the edge area of an edge crack. Most of us using our patented "Multi-Viscosity" method are used to injector sliding high viscosity into the edge area which makes the repair easier and faster so we have made the Hybrid Edge Resin to be used with the Hybrid Crack Resin for edge crack repairs. The new Hybrid Edge Resin is approximately 2,000 cps. Hybrids have advantages over the acrylics, which you will notice from your first repair and that is they are less visible from the head-on angle, in fact they make crack repairs as invisible as ever.

The Hybrid Crack Resin at 450 cps will flow into the drilled hole and tapped bullseye at the point of most cracks off the sides and top with the help of our 8 and 10 inch crack-openers. The Hybrids do not shrink and do not lift off the PVB/laminate upon curing so you do not have to cure the tapped bullseye at the point under pressure. Cracks off the bottom however usually have a tighter point area so use our 45 cps for the point with cracks off the bottom or any crack that appears to have a tight point, then pick up with the Hybrid Crack Resin when the crack opens up.

Christmas Special good through December - buy one get one free! Get both the Hybrid Crack Resin and the Hybrid Edge Resin for the price of one - $49.95. Call (800) 398-2663

P. S. The Star Flexor is also a crack-opener for cracks too close to the dashboard for a regular crack-opener.


Uh oh, you are half way done with the crack and the crack has closed up (usually at a curve) and you need to move, remove or add another crack opener but you do not want to ruin or spot what you have already injected, basically start over. Well you can add, move, remove or add another crack opener without spotting what you have already injected by placing a bead of 1600, 2400, or Hybrid Edge Resin on top of what you already have repaired. This will protect and prevent any spotting by sealing off the area you wish to protect. Do not place film tabs on the resin though as this could induce the resin to start curing which can alter the refractive index when you remove the crack-opener(s).


The little holes on your injector are heating ports to heat your injector in order to keep your resin warm during a repair. Warm resin wets and wicks the glass better. Cold resin does not flow well and will compromise your adhesion to the glass. Use a 12 volt soldering iron that plugs into the vehicle's 12 volt plug (cigarette lighter).

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