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Windshield Repair Journal

Repair Does Well During Bad Times.

Although the majority of businesses and consumers are hurting right now, repair is a money saver. So do not hold back or cut your advertising and marketing during these tough times, never stop your lifeblood. Repetition builds Reputations.

The consumer will have a more costly replacement if they don’t have your services so let them know that by advertising. During the depression Post Cereal pulled back on their advertising while another unheard of company went full speed ahead, that company’s named is Kellogg’s.

Some keys to remember in your advertising:

  • Never stop, it is your lifeblood
  • Make your business service the hero
  • Find an emotion and link it to your business, go for emotion
  • Repetition builds Reputation
  • Make your advertisement memorable
  • Don’t overload with too much information
  • Nobody cares about you, talk about the customer, use you and your repeatedly
  • You is the most powerful word in an ad
  • Keep your advertising simple and run it forever
  • Have a slogan. It should be no more than five words and should include your name.

Radio advertising is affordable. You would be surprised if you looked into it. You can choose a segment of the market that fits your budget. Less people more often is a better bang for the buck. You do not have to be on the biggest stations with the most listeners and check out Talk Radio. Talk Radio listeners listen to commercials, they don’t switch stations when the commercials come on and you can include more information.

Sales and Marketing Workshops on DVD

Here are some Workshops on DVD to boost morale and remind yourselves how good your really are from ARJ Concepts, Home of The Fingertip Workshops. These workshops are very good at reminding you of some of the basics we seem to forget when it comes to sales and customer service.

Every aspect of your industry is tied to the bottom line. ARJ Concepts Inc, has a series of business programs that help you take advantage of today's marketplace.
Priced at just $19.95 per program, it is a Risk Free way to improve your business.
Check them out at: www.arjconcepts.com or call them toll free at 1 (800) 799-0304.

Is ROLAGS Heading for Antitrust???

The NGA ROLAGS antitrust policy, states, “During all activities, meetings, or discussions, association participants will refrain from any subject matter which is, or could be construed to be, for the purpose of:

  • Allocating markets, territories, or customers
  • Encouraging boycotts or exclusions
  • Fostering unfair trade practices

In my opinion nothing could violate this policy more then what went on at the October 2008 meeting of ROLAGS. This still has to go through the ANSI Process which if not corrupt should stop this violation of the antitrust policy.

The alleged reasoning behind this motion is that insurance companies, networks, big glass replacement entities and a few so called practitioners would not endorse the standard. But in my opinion their motives are greed and therefore not a legitimate reason to turn the standard into what I beilieve will be a false and misleading document so they can deceive consumers into replacing repairable windshields. If they don’t like the standard, too bad, they do not have to endorse it. ROLAGS is a Repair standard not a tool to replace windshields. They seem to forget that the consumer is the customer, not the insurance company, networks or big glass companies. The standard is a windshield repair standard representing what windshield repair technology has been repairing for two decades and has been endorsed by the majority of windshield repair manufacturers. This is not a standard to serve the financial interests of insurance companies, networks, NGA special interests, large retail glass companies and windshield manufactures.

This motion is not backed by any facts, science, evidence or complaints from any consumers. This is strictly politics, the same kind of special interest greed that has this country in dire straights right now.

The Lawsuit

What went on and what’s next? It’s a long story and I will tell it in the next issue of Windshield Repair Journal.

End of 2008 Specials

  • All orders received and paid for this month will receive
  • One Free Bottle of X-Phobic
  • X-Phobic not only removes Rain-x but is the ultimate repair cleaner
  • Cleans and removes moisture from cracks and stone breaks

Buy One Get One Free.

Buy one 400 Crack Resin and get a 200 Crack Resin Free or get two of the same. 200 and 400 are used in floater cracks and this is the time of year we see floater cracks because of defroster use. 200 and 400 are also used in the middle of an edge crack.

Reminder-all orders received from December 24 -31 will be shipped on January 2nd.

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