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Rain-X Removal for Windshield Repair

X-phobic windshield repair additive

X-phobic, hydrophobic coating remover (patent pending) is for the removal of Rain-X in order to allow windshield repair adhesives to bond to the windshield glass. Without removal of Rain-X the windshield repair resin will be blocked from the glass and the stone break or crack cannot be repaired. This will cause the consumer to have to pay hundreds of dollar for a new windshield and the windshield repair technician loses a repair job. Many repair technicians are losing hundreds of dollars per month due to the presence of Rain-X on the windshield. Rain-X is growing in popularity too as it is now in windshield washer fluids and carwashes. This could also be why you may be having some unexplainable puzzling warranties.

This chemical mixture is a Rain-X remover for windshield repair and it will also remove carwash wax and detergents, moisture and other contaminants.

Directions: Some technicians are reporting that Rain-X is on 40% of windshields. You should test every windshield for Rain-X before starting the repair by placing a drop or two of water on the windshield surface. If it beads and rolls, there is a hydrophobic coating, most likely Rain-X. If the water rolls down and leaves a line of water then there is none.

Directions for a stone break: Use a windshield repair tool to inject and completely fill the break with X-phobic hydrophobic coating remover. Allow to evaporate which will usually take one to five minutes depending on humidity, ambient temperature and the temperature of the glass. The warmer the temperature the faster it will evaporate. If it is not evaporated in five minutes use a heat gun or blow dryer for five seconds. You can also use a heat gun or blow dryer anytime after it has been in the break for 90 seconds. Wipe off excess on windshield surface immediately.

Directions for a crack: Inject by capillary action for vertical cracks and by injector slide for horizontal cracks.  We also recommend you prime the edge area (the four inches from the edge) of an edge crack with primer resin after the X-Phobic has evaporated. Wipe off excess on the windshield surface immediately.

Directions for the Pit only: Place a drop above the pit and allow it to roll into the pit before doing the repair. Allow to completely evaporate including any chemical that seeped into the break. Wipe off excess immediately.

What to Charge Customer for this Service:  Our MSRP for Rain-X removal is $10.00 which covers the repair technician’s product cost and labor.

Purchase Price: One bottle for $39.95 will decontaminate over 100 breaks. Don’t lose another repair to Rain-X.

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