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CSRs on Tape


Network CSRs on Tape

Today's Date -.

Insured: Jack _______ redacted

Network: Safelite

Ultra Bond: Rich Campfield

Date Transcribed: 6/19/06

Transcribed by: Morgann

R- Rich N-Network

R: Would you say that again?

N: What we ask that qualifies the repair question is if it's smaller than the size of a dollar bill and if they say no then in just automatically goes in an as a replacement. The thing is, I wasn't the one they spoke with. I know I typically say that it can't be bigger than a dollar bill because it's in our script thing that we read when we're filing a claim, but I don't know what happened on this one. If they answered no then we just told them it's not repairable. It just automatically goes to replacement.

R: Ok, do you do that with all of them?

N: All of the them.

R: All of the insurance companies, if it's longer than a dollar bill you just replace it?

N: Right.

R: Oh.

N: Is this one larger than the size of a dollar bill?

R: Well, this one had multiple damages and one of them was longer than a dollar bill, but I mean...

N: Well, that's why we can't process that as a repair unless they tell us it's smaller than a dollar bill. If it's smaller than a dollar bill it could be repaired, whereas we are told that if it's larger it compromises the structure and it should be replaced.

R: Who told you that? Safelite?

N: Yes.

R: Oh, that's not true.

N: Ok.

R: Safelite says it compromises the structural integrity?

N: If it's larger than the size of six inches, it's not a repairable situation and it needs to be replaced.

R: Do you know why they say that?

N: I don't really know. They just said that's the rule.

R: Wow, with all of your insurance companies not just Allied, is that right?

N: I don't do all the insurance companies, I do Allied nationwide.

R: Oh, ok.

N: All of them are not. I know Allied nationwide will cover three chip repairs smaller than a dollar bill.

R: Ok. Well, this one was three repairs and one of them was longer than a dollar bill, but I repair cracks that are longer than a dollar bill all day long myself.

N: Unfortunately, in order to be able to... You can submit for payment on a three-chip repair with that work order, but I can't change it without knowing that the damage was smaller than a dollar bill because that's the repair qualifier.

R: If I go on the internet and put this down as three repairs, it won't let me. I tried it. We were sitting here on the phone and you asked the dollar bill and we said that is was longer and then I said that we're repairing it, so put it down as repairs and they said ok.

N: If it is bigger than a dollar bill it is an automatic decision. If it's bigger it just goes to a replacement automatically.

R: Well, the repair industry has been repairing cracks up to a foot and a half long since 1990 and, as a matter of fact, if you would go to this website www.ultrabond.com and on the front page you can click on U. S. Guidelines, that's the United States Windshield Repair Guidelines. Those were written back in 1995. That's from the repair industry and was endorsed by The National Windshield Repair Association. The industry has been repairing cracks eighteen inches long for sixteen years. Safelite does that because Safelite manufactures and sells windshields. So that dollar bill is not true. That's a false statement. As a matter of fact, these crack repairs by our process, Ultra Bond passes the same federal required tests as a new windshield does and, as a matter of fact even in a roll-over crash it doesn't even break loose.

N: I can't make any changes to what I am telling you regardless of what you say to me.

R: This happens often, so what number am I supposed to call to get this thing changed from a replacement from a repair? Do you have another number I'm supposed to call?

N: Well, you can call the insurer and let them know that, but we're not able to change that to a repair without their consent anyway, but we have to be told that the damage that was repaired was smaller than a dollar bill then we can change it.

R: Well, we already did all this and I've got it on tape. Do you want the tape?

N: Then if he said the damage was larger than a dollar bill...

R: He said yes, but he still wanted it repaired and this is a consumer choice state. He wanted it repaired. Just because you guys...just because a glass manufacturer wants to sell a windshield saying you can't fix it if it's longer than a dollar bill doesn't mean it's true.

N: Did you do the work?

R: I did the work and the customer sat right here and we did this on a speaker phone.

N: I'm not getting any money out of this one way or the other, so I don't understand what that statement would mean?

R: Well, usually you guys get it over to a Safelite shop, so a Safelite guy could install a windshield.

N: But you did the work, so we wouldn't get paid for that regardless.

R: I did the work, but then you sent me a dispatch for a replacement.

N: Ok.

R: Because that's what your geared to do. Safelite's geared to sell windshields.

N: If it's larger than a dollar bill, it should be replaced and that comes from...well, that's just the rule and I can't change what comes up. I can get you a supervisor if you want to speak with a supervisor.

R: Sure because I guess you've got to change this from a replacement to a repair.

N: From a replacement to a repair? I can't do that, but I can definitely get a supervisor.

R: Ok, go ahead.

N: Ok, just one moment.

N: Sir?

R: Yes?

N: Ok, thank you for holding. I found my supervisor and what's she's instructed me is that if I can reach the insured we can change it as long as they just tell us that it was a repair.

R: Ok.

N: It will automatically go in the system as a replacement first off if they say the damage is larger than a dollar bill, but she did also say that if the person, the insured, says they want to set it up as a replacement...

R: No, a repair.

N: Sorry, as a repair even though it's bigger that is their option. Why that wasn't done originally may have been the same situation I wasn't aware of that you could go back and change it. Ok, so if you want to hold on while I try to call the insured...

R: I've got his number, do you want it?

N: No, I have it already on my computer.

R: Ok. Go ahead, call him up. It was repaired.

N: Is it __________ (redacted)

R: Yep.

N: Who did you set up with?

R: It's Jack ________-redacted.

N: I just wanted to make sure I didn't get the wife or anything at this time of day if he was at home or at work.

R: Well, he's retired.

N: Ok, hold on for me for just a minute.

N: Ok, I just spoke with him and he said it was supposed to be listed as a repair, so I'm changing the order and just saying yes that the damage is smaller than a dollar bill. That's the only way I can do that, so I changed the order. It's still the same referral number ____________ (redacted). What's your first name again?

R: Rich.

N: Ok, I just put down the work order fax 256-1786.

R: Right.

N: Ok, I just downloaded it again as a repair.

R: Ok.

N: Is there anything else I can assist with?

R: No, thank you.

N: Ok, thank you for calling and you have a good day.

R: Thanks.

N: Bye-bye.


Date: 4/28/06

Insured: Richard ______ redacted

Network: Safelite

Ultra Bond: Rich Campfield

Date Transcribed: 6/26/06
Transcribed by: Morgann

N: Thank you for calling Safelite glass. How may I help you?

U: I have an Allied insured here that needs some windshield repairs.

N: Are you the shop?

U: I'm the shop. You're on a speaker and he's standing right here.

N: And the telephone number to your location, please?

U: 970-256-0200

N: I have to write it down- 970...

U: 256-0200.

N: Ok, can you put the insured on the line?

U: You're on a speaker so go right ahead.

: Ok, may I have your name, please?

I: Richard ______ redacted.

N: Is this just glass only or is there any other damage?

U: Just windshield.

N: Are you the policy holder?

I: Yes.

N: May I have your zip code, please?

I: 81____

N: What date did the damage occur?

: This last Tuesday the 25th.

N: May I have your policy number, please?

U: PPA_________________

N: Can you give that to me again, please?

U: PPA_____________________

N: Do you know what caused the glass damage on that?

U: Rocks.

N: Mr. ___________?

I: Rocks.

N: Hello?

U: Yes. It was rocks. Just like everybody tells you, a rock hit the windshield.

N: Mr. ______, may I have your home phone number with the area code first?

I: 970-________.

N: Is there an alternate number?

I: No.

N: Which vehicle are you calling about today?

I: The '01 Toyota.

N: Did you already file this claim?

I: I called earlier today, but I told them not to submit the claim.

U: Well, he called earlier and you guys told him that because it was longer than a dollar he needed a new windshield, which is not true. This is repairable.

N: That's because that's what Allied requires us to tell them.

U: Don't even go there with me because I know that did not come from Allied. That comes from Safelite, so don't even go there.

N: I really apologize.

U: Ok, but that six-inch dollar bill stuff came from Safelite.

I: Yes, it did.

U: It did not come from Allied. It came from Safelite.

N: Mr. _______?

I: Yes.

N: The dollar bill statement is a requirement that Allied has us go over with each and every one of our customers and we are contracted by law to ask you that. They do say that if the damage is larger than the size of a dollar bill that the glass is not very safe. Therefore, that's when we say you should have it replaced. If you are comfortable with trying to repaired that's fine. But if the claim was already set at the time, that's the claim I'll be using. Is that ok?

U: But, it's going to be repaired.

N: I understand that. I am speaking to Mr _______, ok?

U: Ok, but I'm going to tell you something, ok?

N: Ok.

U: That dollar bill stuff came from ____Redacted.

N: I really don't know where it came from I just know that we are contracted by Allied to say it.

U: Redacted

N: And therefore, I didn't make it up.

U: I know. I'm just telling you that it came from Safelite and not Allied because Allied has done absolutely no testing on windshield repair.

N: I understand sir. I'm just contracted with my job. I mean, that's my job.

U: I know you're just reading a script, but I'm telling you what you just said about Allied about the dollar bill thing didn't come from Allied. It came from ______ redacted.

N: Can I speak with Mr. _______, please.

U: You're on a speaker phone go ahead.

I: I'm here.

N: I'm looking up the shop information now, ok?

I: Ok.

N: If you have any concerns or problems, sir, we do have customer satisfaction. Let me give you their number and you can speak with them directly. I mean, I am just trying to do my job.

U: I know, you are just reading a script.

N: Well, that's what my job consists of and I'm just trying to do my job sir.

U: Yes, I understand. You know, I fix cracks all day longer than a dollar bill for sixteen years now.

N: And that's fine. That's your job and I understand.

U: But then Safelite tells everybody that what I do for a living is a fraud or something.

N: I'm not out to get you.

U: I know, but you did say something about safety.

N: Well, they do advise us to let the insured know that sir. I didn't do anything I'm not supposed to.

U: You said if is was longer than a dollar bill it wasn't safe.

N: They question the strength of the glass.

U: Ok. Well, I have personally handed Safelite tests that show that is passes the same federal tests as a new windshield.

N: Auto glass specifications question the integrity of the glass if the crack is longer than a dollar bill. It's not Safelite.

U: There's no difference between twelve inches or six.

N: That's fine.

N: And the number to your shop is 970-256-0200?

U: Yep.

N: And what's your name?

U: Rich Campfield.

N: I will put your name on a fax and I will send it to you right away.

U: Ok.

N: Let me give you your referral number. It will be ______________. If you have any questions or concerns about your glass claims please give us a call here directly at 182-1800-282-1446. Any questions for me regarding your glass claims?

U: Your rates are $59.95 and $10.00?

N: They didn't come up for rates.

U: Well, Allied's are usually $59.95 and ten dollars for each additional. If it didn't come up that means it's going to come over here as a replacement and then I will have to make the phone call all over again.

N: Ok, hold on.

N: Mr. Campfield, it says $59.95 for the first and $10.00 for any additional.

U: Ok.

N: I'll send it down to you right away. Let me verify your fax.

U: Ok.

N: 970-256-1786?

U: Yep.

N: Ok, I'll send it over and you gentlemen have a wonderful day. Thank you, Mr. ______, for your patience and time.

I: Thank you.

N: Bye-bye.

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