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Getting Paid for Long Crack Repair

If you or the consumer wishes to have the claim processed through the network and then have the consumer pay the balance of whatever the network agrees to, here is how to handle this best.

Inform the consumer that their insurance company has a windshield manufacture processing their windshield claims and that their objective is to sell them a windshield and to get the insurance company to pay as little as possible. They will lie to you about your windshield being repairable. It is all about them not about you. They have no price for a crack repair because a crack repair prevents the sale of a windshield. They only have pricing for chips and they will usually pay for one to three chips.

A crack is a chip which then cracked and we have to create a bullseye at the point. It is basically two chips and a crack or it chipped and cracked on one side and then the other so it is a chip and two cracks or it is one break and the consumer will end up paying the most. Tell them there is litigation going on to put a stop to this antitrust problem but until that is over this is how we can get them to pay the most for a loss that is actually covered in full under their policy. The consumer usually ends up paying anywhere between $9.00 to $50.00 for a $100.00 long crack repair. We have also had CSRs from both Safelite and Lynx tell us to put a long crack repair down as three chips.

Note: Progressive now pays for LCR and it is not Safelite that takes the claim. If Safelite takes the claim then you have to do the above. We recommend you call Progressive direct. If you are not a State Farm Participant and are not bound by their price fixing O&A contract, State Farm has to pay for the total cost of a long crack repair if they have a zero deductible. State Farm is offering windshield coverage with a zero deductible for approximately $50.00 more per year.

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