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Maximum Upgrade Kit


Product Description

Free Shipping. Unbreakable Repairs that are Stronger than a New Windshield.

  • Double your income by expanding into the repair versus replacement market
  • Increase your average invoice by 50%
  • Includes the most efficient repair tool
  • Do more repairs in less time
  • Resins proven to be stronger than glass

If you already have a windshield repair kit that repairs stone-breaks, this up-grade kit for chips and long cracks is a must. It upgrades you completely to the Ultra Bond System.

You will no longer have to guess on how your resins is performing and holding up in the real world. Ultra Bond has been proven to be stronger than a new windshield - see the Lab Tests in the footer of this page.

This kit allows use of the famous Multi-Viscosity Long Crack Repair Method. Invented and patented by Ultra Bond President Richard Campfield. See it in action on our video page.

The Ultra Bond Crackmaster Classic is the most efficient stone-break or chip repair tool in the world because it is the only one that: (1) sets-up in 5 seconds; (2) has no break-down after repair; (3) refills in seconds; (4) one refill is good for 15-20 repairs; (5) is semi-automatic; (6) does not waste any resin so your cost per repair is more than 200% less than any other system; (7) has controllable flexing of the break and; (8) it's repair time to completely fill an average chip/stone-break is less than 60 seconds. 

This is a Bridge type holding structure which offers leveraging and mechanical advantage, plus the Quick-Turn Stainless Steel Injector creates a windshield repair tool that is perfect right down to the suction cups. It holds 36 drops of resin, which means you can load it and not have to re-load for days which saves time, money and work. Uses more than 200% less resin than most systems as most systems waste as much resin as they use by having to refill after each repair. Your cost per chip repair (CPR) with our system is 8 cents. You will get 300 chip repairs from one bottle of our resin.

Most systems you have to take apart and re-load for every repair (set-up and break-down) . When you finish with other tools you will have resin running down the windshield when you remove it or you will be dumping what is left in the injector and then you have to refill and go through set-up for your next repair. You will waste more resin than you injected into the break. Our system sets-up in seconds and break-down is just removing the tool off the glass and putting the cap on the injector, which also only takes seconds. Our injector can do up to 15-20 repairs without having to re-load - semi-automatic.  It also has 27 inches hg of available vacuum. Perfect size and durometer suction cups will prevent flowering and gives maximum control of pressure and flexing of the glass. That's right, your pressure comes from the suction cups. Too much or too stiff and you can ruin the repair and spread the damage.

The Holding Structure or bridge holds the injector in place while repairing a stone-break or chip. But the holding structure is much more than that; the structure controls pressure both on the resin injection and the pressure on the glass that flexes (pushes down) the break open so that the resin will efficiently fill every crack and crater within the break. The physics of this structure are perfectly balanced so that the break is flexed open so that 70% of chips are completely filled and ready to be cured in less than 60 seconds.  

The proper two suction cup placement (a bridge) and the durometer do not interfere with the flexing of the break like most tools on the market do. This allows you to flex the break by leverage- simply turn the single leveling bolt to increase or reduce the flex. Most systems will require manual flexing by hand of the break and legs with a probe because the holding structure is not able to flex the break open properly or control the flex. Cups that are too stiff and too close to the injector will hamper the tools flexing of the break by creating opposing forces of opening (compression, pushing down) and closing (tension, pulling up) on the break which, will cause the cracks nearest to the injector to fill slower and will end up being under-filled. An under-filled leg or section will separate from the glass from cold to hot temperature swings. If it is a leg of a star-break it can crack-out.

When a break is being stubborn you can turn the leveling bolt and further flex the break. This is the only tool that has controlled flexing. With the custom made suction cups this structure will not cause flowering unless you go out of your way and really crank it up on a hot windshield. This windshield repair tool is also used at the point of a crack and can also slide/straddle down a long crack. This is also a 3-in-1 tool. It can be split into a crack-opener and a long crack sliding structure.

NOTE: All Ultra Bond resins are moisture resistant -no dry vac is needed and Ultra Bond resins are the only resins proven to restore to new glass strength and beyond. See our homepage.

The Long Crack Crackmaster tool is designed to not flex the glass. Long Cracks are surfaced so they are flexed on the inside layer. Flexing down on the glass when doing a long crack will push the crack closed causing an under-fill and spots. That is why this tool has a single custom made suction cup at a proper distance from the injector. The new leveling nuts allow for automatic leveling. Just push the cup down, level the injector and your ready to go. 

The crack-opener tool is the secret to easy and fast long crack repair. Here again it must be of proper size to allow for leverage and mechanical advantage without causing the crack to spread. Our crack-opener symmetrically opens the crack to create an overfill. You will see resin come out of the top (surface ) of the crack when you release it. That is what you want, for a complete fill you must overfill.

Repairing long cracks puts you in the repair vs replacement market. You can put an ad in the Yellow-Pages or Google Adwords and see a profit, which you cannot do just repairing stone-breaks/chips.


Example Profit Scenario:  Average job for a Ultra Bond tech doing cracks and chip is approximately $80.

  • 3 jobs per day is $240 per day or $1200 per week or $62,400 per year.
  • 4 jobs per day average is $320 per day, $1344 per week or $70,000 per year.
  • 5 jobs per day is $104,000 per year. A mobile service marketing to the consumer can do 5 jobs per day in less than 8 hours including drive time which will take-up more time than the repair time!

(based on Average chip repair cash price is $50, insurance $65. Average price for a long crack repair is $100.00, with the insurance paying about $65. The insured consumer pays less than $35 for a long crack repair.)

Kit Includes:

  • 1 New Style Crack Master
  • 1 Classic Crack Master
  • 1 Crack Opener - 8"
  • 2 Deluxe Injector w/cap
  • 1 Quick Turn Injector w/cap
  • 1 package Piston O-rings (12)
  • 1 package Cylinder O-rings (12)
  • 1 Injector Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 each of Resins: 20, 45, 400, 1600, 2400 and Rain Resin


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