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Classic Bridge/Holding Structure

Classic Bridge/Holding Structure

5 Stars

Product Description

The Classic Holding Structure, or bridge, holds the injector in place while repairing a stone-break or chip. But the holding structure is much more than that; the structure controls pressure both on the resin injection and the pressure on the glass that flexes the break open so that the resin will efficiently fill every crack and crater within the break.

The physics of this structure are perfectly balanced so that the break is flexed open so that 70% of chips are completely filled in less than 60 seconds. When a break is being stubborn you can turn the leveling bolt and further flex the break. With the custom made suction cups this structure will not cause flowering unless you go out of your way and really crank it up on a hot windshield.

This windshield repair tool is also used at the point of a crack and can also slide/straddle down a crack. This is also a 3-in-one tool. It can be split into a crack-opener and long crack sliding structure.

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  1. Versatile, Quick and Easy 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on 31st May 2016)

    I've been using Ultra Bond equipment (as well as other brands) for a few years now. This is a very nice bridge to use, I have two of them. Its quick and easy to operate and the design allows you to use it on the curved section towards the edge of truck windscreens without the need to make height adjustments to the suction cups. Although its easy and fast enough to do should you really need to. The reach into corner sections is quite good too.
    And as is written in the Product Description above, the suction cups really do provide just the right amount of pressure. After using it a few times you can feel exactly how much pressure you're applying to the glass/injector and more importantly when to stop. If your going to buy one tool from Ultra Bond, make sure its this one.

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