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Campfield's Initiatives to Become ANSI Standards

Two initiatives that NWRA president Richard Campfield brought to the NWRA Board will become ANSI Standards. Initiative #1: About a year ago Campfield began lobbing the board to acquire the equipment to fracture test, compare and publish the results of OE versus Aftermarket windshields identical to the fracture test that his Edgeguard affiliated company did [...]

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Previous Damage Significantly Weakens Windshield

Did you know that it takes 9,400 psi to propagate a crack with a non-damaged windshield. But it only take 800 psi to propagate a crack when the windshield has a stone chip? Let your customers know that is why they should have you repair their windshield. Ultra Bond is the only known resin [...]

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Birds Penetrating Windshields Injure and Kill

The BirdsNot a week goes by these days without a person, animals, objects and even birds penetrating windshields- injuring and killing people. What is particularly alarming is that birds are penetrating windshields like Ravens, Geese and Turkeys. You would think that a windshield’s PVB would stop birds as the impact would be dispersed energy over [...]

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Alternative Methods for Filling a Break in the Windshield

Sometimes a stone-break will not easily fill with just the tools vacuum and pressure. This is mainly because of two forces. (1) The glasses own cohesive strength and (2) the 3,000 psi PVB bond to the glass. The 3,000 psi PVB bond is the main reason that many stone-break do not crack-out for years. You [...]

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Your Business Partner – The Frit

Some folks are just too independent to have a partner. We like to call all the shots and do not answer to nobody. In fact most self employed business owners are those types, including myself. We will take a silent partner any day though, one that drums up business but says nothing and does not [...]

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Not All Windshields Are Created Equal

Buying Blind Is a windshield a windshield? That's what consumers think. These days you can find out about any products performance and reviews except for windshields. Consumers and auto glass businesses have no idea about the quality of the windshields they buy. This affects the cash market, the price of repairing a windshield and of course [...]

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Windshield Repair Resin as Strong as Glass Stated in Supreme Court Ruling

Windshield Repair Industry Prevails in Windshield Repair Class Action, Cullen v. State Farm.Study of Ultra Bond resin was used and cited by Supreme Court as evidence to show that windshield repair can be as strong as glass. The class action Cullen v. State Farm was an action against State Farm alleging that a windshield repair did [...]

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Audacious Inspections in the Industry - AGRR Magazine

ARE THERE ANY HUMANS working at these insurance companies?  You have to wonder since these inspections of repairs started. How about if the other insurers all had to 'not only call State Farm to get permission to sell a policy but then take it a step further and were required to have State Farm interview the consumer and inspect the policy before they can sell them a policy? How would they like that? Why are they doing just that to auto glass businesses and whose idea was it to do it in the most audacious way that it could possibly be done?  Who are the "frauds?" Inspections are another steering tactic because the third-party administrators (TPAs) are only discriminating against consumers who choose non-participant shops. The ironic thing about all this is that it is insurers and their TPA who are unjustly enriched each and every day as they turn thousands of repairable windshields into replacements by their non-disclosing misleading scripts, criterion, phony warranty and ineffective windshield repair equipment.Read the full article here.

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NWRA Focuses on Unnecessary Repairs

The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) has launched an educational program about unnecessary repairs (i.e., repairs that are not necessary under the Repair of Laminated Auto Glass Standard™). "NWRA members and our certified technicians are committed to doing proper repairs,” said NWRA president Rich Campfield.  “There may be a problem [...]

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NWRA Presindent's Column: The Crystal Ball

President's Column: The Crystal Ballby Richard Campfield Predicting business is a skill every business wishes it had. One issue we face in predicting business in auto glass is we are in a business that is greatly affected by weather.Temperature can affect a stone causing a break when it [...]

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