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Exploring The Critical Elements Of Starting Your Own Windshield Repair Business: Part 2


windshield crack repair kitIn the last post, we started discussing some of the key aspects to consider if you're interested in opening your own car windshield crack repair company. However, there are many more important things to consider before you make any final decisions. Here are some more essentials to consider before you open your own windshield repair business.


Many technicians don't realize it, but there is more repairable windshield damage than you and all of your competitors could ever handle. Windshields are the number one insurance claim in the United States (See Market Potential from Parking Lot Surveys on Ultra Bond’s website - http://ultrabond.com/content/Parking%20Lot%20Survey_NGA.pdf). Plus, there are a variety of factors to think about when considering your one and only competition, not the least of which are pricing and speed. Oftentimes a windshield repair can be done by a mobile service provider in only 30 minutes or less using windshield crack repair kits. The one and only issue this industry has is that insurance companies use windshield manufacturers with retail shops or retail connections as their third party administrators which interferes with competition which is illegal. Ultra Bond and Richard Campfield are and have been in federal court for many years trying to put a stop to it.

You'll also have to consider that your customers will most likely do all they can to delay the need for a full windshield replacement due to cost and time. Long windshield crack repairs are a 60%-75% immediate and 100% effect savings from a replacement. Ten crack repairs saves ten replacements. so it's understandable that your customers want to save money when they can. But considering that TPAs such as Safelite steer insureds into unnecessary replacements, it's important to be prepared to do what the consumers chooses after you give them the truth and their options.


These days, it's almost impossible for a company to survive without a website, even if it provides exemplary products or services. The fact is, the way people want to be given information has changed over recent years, and in order for your business to survive, you have no choice but to adapt. As a starting step, your business' website should list all basic information like the company address, business hours, services performed, and price ranges. But If your website can perform advanced functions like schedule repairs or send out a monthly newsletter, you'll instantly have a leg up by catering to the needs of your audience. You can instantly see internet advertising results by way of Google AdWords. AdWords (pay-per-click) has replaced the phone books/yellow pages in most areas of the United States.

Ultimately, these are critical aspects to keep in mind before deciding to open your own windshield repair company. For information about  windshield crack repair kits, contact Ultra Bond.

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